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A single person has no dependents.  Single people of any age need to replace their income if they are disabled; they need to be able to take time off work to get better if they have a critical illness; and they need to have enough money to retire.  But they may not need or want to pay off their debts when they die. 

Insurance and Investment

If a single person is disabled or has a critical illness they have no one to look after them.  Going back to the parental home may be an option. 

Adequate disability and critical illness insurance either at work or bought personally will allow more choices at the time of need.

A single person needs to have enough money to retire in comfort.  Investing in an RRSP may be required if the pension(s) will not be adequate.

If there is limited money for insurance and investments then life insurance is the least important - as there are no dependents.

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