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Gill in her garden
Gill in her garden
I am an island hopper!! I started out in England, went to the University College of North Wales Bangor where I met Chris at the first dance at University. We hit it off immediately, married three years later and came to Canada - the island Newfoundland to be exact. The Dean of Science told us it would be fog and icebergs - he was correct.

BC Ferry
One of the many
ferries in our lives
Twenty-three years later we "emigrated" to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We set out from Newfoundland on February 15th 1993 with the largest U-Haul truck available, towing a 25 foot boat. We called it "Prairie Schooner" and I drove "Tender Behind". Our two kids Nick aged 10 and Alex aged 8 and our English Setter Flair aged 3 made it a very entertaining trip. Three weeks later we arrived in Nanaimo and Chris and I are still here. The boys live and work in Whistler - but that's their story. I kept a journal on the move and you can read about the adventures with just a click.

Click here for Gill's moving journal !
Gill and family on The Move
Gill and family on The Move
Gill, Chris and Kayla