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My Career

Nick and Alex with Thomas and Edward their cousins, in school uniform

I have built and sold three different businesses, two of which won awards for business excellence. I have been a scientist, a draftsperson, a craftsperson, a retailer and finally a financial planner.

My background means that it is rare that I do not have some personal or business experience relevant to each person I meet. I have even, briefly, been a member of a Union!

In my life I have created a series of "careers" that allowed me the flexibility of following Chris where ever his path took him as a marine scientist. Then, once I had children I wanted to be available when they needed me, but I loved my work, so I chose to have a nanny who came to look after the boys in our home.


Mary with Nick, Noah and Alex
I was lucky to find Mary Tilley when Nick was 6 weeks old. She worked with us for 9 years - until we left Newfoundland. They called her Nan and she was like a grandmother to them.
Gill, Chris and Kayla