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My Career as a Financial Planner

A unique testimonial from Nick
In this section I will outline my own insurance and investment history. I started from no knowledge, as you can see.

In my search for knowledge for myself I have found that I love working in this area. I love helping people to find affordable solutions to protect their loved ones and their businesses.

A few testimonials from my clients

Kim and Bill Priest, Island Sea Developments, Barkley Sound:
Thank you for all your work on our behalf. We appreciate your honesty and forthright manner of doing business, it’s refreshing to not feel like you are being "pitched".

Judith Wright, Read Island Shellfish Ltd, Surge Narrows:
I have been very satisfied with the service of Gill Campbell. She was able to find me life insurance for half the cost of my previous policy, which greatly helps my budget. Gill also went out of her way to make the application process convenient and easy for me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for insurance.

Eric Boucher, Great Little Oyster Company, Powell River:
I have found Gill to be very professional and thorough.

Sandy Morris, Andy Clarke and Gibson:
…….With the intense love that we already feel for the little guy, we are sure glad we have that insurance!

Gill, Chris and Kayla