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My Career as a Graphic Artist

1977 moving into our first home
in Torbay - see the boxes!

My drafting studio was on the second floor, middle window.

Whilst I was working as a scientist and learning my craft skills, I also had to prepare drawings of parasites, graphs and maps for publications as part of my job. I saw an ad to help a Geology graduate student with his maps and started a graphic artist business. I called this Woof Design and used the same picture of Brixton.

In the late 70's, offshore oil came to town. Chris and I attended a briefing session on what to expect from offshore oil. It was inspirational, but the graphics sucked. The next day I visited Mobil Oil's offices and offered my services as a contractual graphic artist - to my surprise I was accepted.

Over the next four years my little business grew to 5 full time employees plus some part time people.

When Nick came along two of my part time employees paid for an introduction to my major client - this financed me for about a year while I changed careers. I had discovered that oil and babies do not mix!

Off shore rig on Hibernia
Photo thanks to (COOGER)
Gill, Chris and Kayla