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My Career as a Scientist

Chris Campbell PhD
In 1970 when we first arrived in Newfoundland for Chris to work on his PhD, I was lucky enough to get offered a job in the Biology Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland as a Research Assistant. I had to apply for a work permit which was issued by Christmas - no one could find a brometrix anywhere in Canada! I was actually trained in biometrics but the mis-spelling worked in my favour! I started work in September and was amazed when I was paid for my three months work at Christmas.

I spent four years in this position, my salary almost doubled in that time and I have six scientific publications to my name in Journals of Biology from that era. I worked in a laboratory screening bird blood samples for parasites.

We also mist netted many small birds starting at dawn, 4 am, banded them, took blood to see what parasites they had and then released them. One poor little chickadee was particularly feisty, pecking me, and unfortunately its leg came off! The following week he was caught again - still feisty and one legged!

Newfoundland Chickadees

Prehistory -
Chris, Leslie and Dan
In the evenings I took classes in various crafts, macramé, tie dying, crochet, weaving - if it was offered, I took it. I met Donna Clouston, my webmistress, at this time, we have been friends ever since.
Gill, Chris and Kayla