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Newfoundland to Nanaimo

Newfoundland to Nanaimo Sign

Our wooden sign
On September 27th 1993 Newfoundland to Nanaimo was born! What a stupid time to open a Canadiana gift store on the waterfront here in Nanaimo. The tourists totally disappear at the end of September and do not come back until May! In my defence, I will say that the Harbour Commission had expected the complex to be finished by June and it wasn't.
Woof Design had a small factory outlet for our products, so I used the pattern of sales to develop a business plan for Newfoundland to Nanaimo. For a whole year the sales, inventory, and expenses were within 2% of the projection. I had expected better sales in the second year and opened another outlet in West Van the following fall. This was a disaster – sales did not increase in Nanaimo and sales in West Van were very poor.

Gill and Flick outside the store
    Gill and Flick
    outside Newfoundland to Nanaimo
Jen in Newfoundland to Nanaimo
Jen in Newfoundland to Nanaimo
I really enjoyed being on the waterfront and selling crafts made by Canadians, many of whom are good friends. However, I did not like the seasonality – I did not enjoy the quiet winters.

In 1997 I started work as a financial planner and insurance broker and put the store up for sale. In July 1999 it sold.
Inside Newfoundland to Nanaimo
Gill, Chris and Kayla