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My Career as a Weaver

Gill at the Toronto Gift Show
Gill at the Toronto
Christmas Craft Fair in 1979
I learned to weave in the early 70's from Patty Tramley. She not only taught me weaving, but when she was diagnosed with MS in the late 70's, gave me impetus to buy my own personal disability insurance. Her story is a large part of why I am a Financial Planner now.

When we moved to Paris, France, I chose to take a five month weaving course in Sweden. It was an amazing experience and I loved it - although it was hard living away from Chris for such a long time.

When we returned to Newfoundland, I developed and taught a weaving course as well as developing a woven product line in mohair under the name of Woof Weaving, with Brixton as the logo. At my first retail trade show in Toronto – the Christmas Craft Show, I sold $1,695 worth of scarves and shawls in 7 days!

When Nick was born in 1982 it was only a matter of time before my looms has to be sold – and I bought a knitting machine – see Woof Design.


Leslie with Gill's weaving
Leslie with Gill's weaving
Gill, Chris and Kayla