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Woof Design

Woof wins the Export award

Woof Design is a Newfoundland cottage craft industry - celebrating it's 30th anniversary in 2007. There have been as many as 70 people at once working in their homes, weaving, crocheting and knitting garments - mainly with mohair.

At first I was the only production person - weaving. I designed a vest when I first bought a knitting machine. I took orders for 12 and once I had finished them I realized that I did not want to be a knitter.

So my neighbour Sadie started to knit for me, then two of her sisters, and within a few years there were 70 people knitting, weaving and crocheting in their own homes for Woof Design

I sold Woof in 1995, two years after we "emigrated" to Vancouver Island with much regret. I loved working with the women of Newfoundland. I was the only outsider who was part of the operation - apart from our salesman, John Beale, who was the only man and worked out of Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia.

Leslie Grattan - friend, Gill and Cheryl Kelly manager of Woof Design with the Export Award


Presented by
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador To

In Recognition Of Their Achievement In the

Woof won this award at the same time as FPI - a larger company - their profit was way more than our annual sales!! Our year is not on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador website - but we did win it!

Also I was one of the very first people to be recognized as an Ambassador to Newfoundland - again that used to be on the website - but it's now gone.

I was incredibly honoured by both of these awards and am very proud to be recognized this way.

Gill, Chris and Kayla