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My Family

Nick, Chris, Gill and Alex
Nick, Chris, Gill and Alex
Chris and I have been married since August 26th 1970. He was offered a Commonwealth Scholarship in June of that year - via a telegram. Well, the offer was in the mail - in the annual mail strike to be exact. So we responded to that telegram asking "What offer?" as that was all we could afford to say.

On August 3rd, Chris decided to take up the offer and we had to let our parents' know that we were getting married and going to Canada. We left the UK on September 17th and lived on the Rock for 23 years.
Our boys at Christmas
Our boys at Christmas
Flair and her family
Flair and her family

Our first dog was Brixton who we adopted at age 4 in 1978. Then Asa arrived, she was an English/Irish setter cross. Next, after 12 years the first human addition, Nick, came along and two years later Alex arrived. Perhaps Brixton found Nick's arrival to be more than he could stand; in rebellion he ate a bunch of moose hide and unfortunately died of a burst gut!

An English Setter named Flair was added to our family in 2000. In 2002 Asa died at age 15. Flair made it to age 14 and by that time we had adopted a little black Labrador retriever named Kayla on January 2 2000 when she was 15 months old.
Gill, Chris and Kayla