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Our Boys

Nick and Alex
Nick and Alex
Nick arrived on June 24th 1982.  We soon found out that he had a fine voice – he screamed for 6 months – colic!  Alex arrived on June 2nd 1984 and his lungs were almost as good as Nick’s – so we drugged him.  He says that’s why he is the way he is – I’m not sure what he means. 

When Nick was six weeks old I returned to work and left him, and later Alex, in the capable hands of Mary Tilley.  Their grand parents were in England so Mary was their “Nan”.  Mary stayed with us until we left Newfoundland when the boys were 8 and 10.

"Nan" - Mary Tilley and Alex
"Nan" - Mary Tilley
holding Alex and patting Asa
Alex in French immersion
This picture of Alex
was put in the first year guide for
French Immersion
across Newfoundland

The boys attended French Immersion schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Both are fluent in French when the mood takes them – a pretty French Canadian girl for example.  Nick graduated in 2000 and went to UBC to study Biology and Business.  After 3 years he took a 3 month trip to Thailand and has not finished his degree.  Neither know what they want to do in the long run.
The Boys inside an old tree
Alex and Nick
inside a tree stump
Alex and Nick on a train in England
Alex and Nick
on a train in England
Both boys are tall, red headed, very attractive (not just the Mom’s opinion), excellent skiers, and work and play hard.
Alex and Nick
Alex and Nick
Gill, Chris and Kayla