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Chris looking pensive

"Chris looking pensive"

What can I say about Chris except that he is wonderful and puts up with me? We are very lucky to be the best of friends, we live and work in the same home - his office is upstairs and mine is downstairs. We walk to and from work every day with Kayla. We sail, ski, surf, garden, and cook together. We are very lucky.

Chris and I both have undergraduate degrees in Biology and he went on to get his PhD in Marine Biology at Memorial University. After one year as a Post Doc we had to leave Canada; his student visa and my "accompanying baggage" status did not allow us to remain in Canada. We spent two years just outside Paris, France. This is not where I expected to be, having married a Marine Biologist! I took a 5 month course in Sweden on weaving during this period - the career that started for me is a whole other story.

We came back to Newfoundland with Landed Immigrant status.  Chris worked as a consultant with an Engineering consulting company, Nordco, as the only biologist until 1987.  At that point he became the Vice President of the Marine Institute in St. John’s.  It was an exciting time for him.

In 1993 his job ended and we decided to leave Newfoundland for the west coast – it was a difficult decision as we had so many great friends on the Rock.  When we arrived Chris worked as a consultant but after a couple of years decided that someone needed to grow the local Spot prawn in captivity.  He likes eating Spot prawn even more than lobsters!  For 5 years he worked on this project, including setting up a Community Venture Capital Corporation to give tax breaks to investors.  By the summer of 2000 we realized that we would not be able to raise enough money for this project.

The Campbell Clan

Chris sailing
Chris's second love
So Chris returned to consulting to the aquaculture and offshore oil businesses.  Both of these are unpopular in British Columbia so when he helped set up OREG, the Ocean Renewable Energy Group, it was a relief to be working in a sector that excites the public.  Chris has filled the role of Executive Director of this fledgling industry association since 2004.

Gill pouring wine for Chris
"I am nice to him!"
Gill, Chris and Kayla