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My Dogs

My Parents Dog Dess

My First Dogs

When I was born my parents already had a dog, Dess, who was a terrier. She had red fur which caused a lot of amusement as both John and I had red hair.

After Dess died, we found Imp - Imperial of Quatt who was a purebred French Bulldog with incredible attitude. He would fight anything.

The last family dog I know was Cindy, a spaniel who was very close to Georgina. Cindy became a very accomplished jumper - George really wanted a horse. In Georgina's teens she owned a very large horse called Laddie - but I was not at home in those days.

My Sister Georgina and Imp
My sister Georgina and Imp
My Mother and Imp
My mother with Imperial of Quatt, Imp for short
Gill, Chris and Kayla