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Asa Sitting in the snow
Asa in the snow
Asa was an English/Irish Setter cross and was probably the most intelligent dog we have ever had. She moved in with us in 1979 at the tender age of 8 weeks along with, temporarily, two of her siblings. We had them in an area surrounded by chicken wire which she ate through very quickly. Two people trying to recapture 3 puppies is an impossible exercise! Asa and Brixton were great companions for us and each other.

Asa lived with us in Torbay and then in St. John's, in our great big Victorian mansion on Waterford Bridge Road. There were no carpets in this house, just hard wood and tile flooring and we had to buy her a bean bag to ease her ancient bones.

She died at age 15 just before we "emigrated" to British Columbia. She was buried in our garden in St. John's but this time it was not winter.
Flair and Asa outside our house
Flair and Asa
outside our house in St. John's
Gill, Chris and Kayla