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Brixton and Gill
Brixton and Gill
at their home in Torbay

Brixton was a Newfoundland/Labrador cross whose image was the face of Woof Design - see my Career section. He burst into our lives when he was 4 years old - literally. I had seen him at a distance in St. John's before he came to stay and thought he was not a huge dog. However, when he came into our kitchen at high speed, I realized he was a HUGE dog. His character was even bigger. When he slept in the road in front of our house, trucks drove around him!

Brixton lived with us for 4 years. If we tied him up, he always broke the rope - but stayed around - so we gave up. He liked to chase our chickens, I saw him climb a few feet off the ground on a tree once! When he managed to kill an occasional chicken he always buried the carcass in the same place - even when there were vegetables growing there.

Brixton brought home a Christmas turkey one year, complete with the tray it had been cooked in. A neighbour had left it outside to cool - he was an opportunist.

He died in 1982 of a perforated gut from eating too many bones in the woods. It took a friend, MacGregor and Chris several hours to dig a hole to bury him - they had to light a fire to thaw the ground before he could be buried.
Gill, Chris and Kayla