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Alex and Flair
Alex and Flair
We were so pleased with Asa, and we had met many Irish Setters - who are all crazy and brainless - that we chose Flair who was an English Setter. Little did we know that English Setters are brainless too. But she was beautiful. She came into our lives in the mid 80's and was a young dog when we "emigrated". She was wild and disobedient at the start of the trans-Canada trip and mature 19 days later when we arrived. When we arrived in BC we did not have jobs so we had to think of ways to make a living. One idea was to put an ad in the Globe and Mail asking "Do you have a wild and untrainable dog? Send $250 and we will send you a solution."
The solution was to buy a small car, fill it with personal luggage so that the dog could not stand up, and drive from St. John's, Newfoundland to Nanaimo, British Columbia with the dog in the car. If the dog was not a changed and improved character at the end of the trip, we would have offered a money back guarantee. We never did this.
Flair on Gill's Lap
A lap full of Flair
Flair sleeping at the top of the stairs

Flair sleeping at the top of the stairs
Flair lived for 14 years but almost died at about age nine. She suffered from an autoimmune disorder whereby her red blood cells were all being eaten by her white blood cells. She could not stand up - but her eyes still showed intelligence. Chris took her to the vets where he perfused her with steroids - as he said - she's dead unless we do something very serious. She lived for over five more years but wasted away so that in the last few years she was very frail.
Flair on a picnic

Flair on a picnic
Gill, Chris and Kayla