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Kayla in swimming
Kayla swimming
Kayla is our current dog - a little black Labrador retriever. She moved in on January 2nd 2000 and was not made welcome by Flair - at first. Kayla was 15 months old and obese. She has been on a diet ever since - Labradors like food. She is bright, fun to be with, smells pretty awful most of the time as she likes to swim in any kind of liquid.
Kayla loves to chase and catch balls and sticks. She is also the most talkative dog we have ever met. In the morning Chris gets up before me and lets her out of the laundry room where she sleeps. I hear the click click of her nails on the hardwood floor and the sound of her chatting about coming to see me. When she finally arrives having bounced off the door frame, as the hardwood floor is very hard to make turns on, she positively squeals with delight. I'm sure the neighbours believe that we are torturing her! When someone she knows comes to the door she again squeals with delight - it is very welcoming - once people realize it is out of friendship!
Gill trying to feed Kayla currants
Kayla "eating" currants

Below - Kayla, Gill and Chris on Long Beach

Kayla on the beach
Gill, Chris and Kayla