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Growing Up

Gill's baby picture

I am one of the early baby boomers, born in 1949 of parents who met during the war. When I was two years old we moved to a detached brick house in a country area south of Birmingham - Solihull. I was educated at an all girls Convent School - Chris insist that all the stories about convent girls are correct - but I have no idea what he means. Dad had a manufacturing business and Mum stayed home to look after first me, then my brother John two years later. When I was 12 my father's wish for a third child was granted - Georgina arrived.
When I was 13 I asked for a huge increase in my allowance so that I would buy my own clothes, pay my own transportation to school and pay for my own school lunches. I believe that my business skills date from this time. When I needed money I would cycle to school rather than pay a bus fare, and I would take sandwiches rather than pay for the school lunch - my hatred of sandwiches also dates from this time!

Find Gill in kindergarten
Find Gill in Kindergarten
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Gill and her teddy
Gill and Teddy
Gill in her teens
In that same year my French teacher asked me if I was planning to apply to go to University - she felt that my skills in French were so poor that it would be difficult for me to pass the "O" level exams required for entry to University. I asked my parents if I should apply and Dad said "Girls don't go to University." The next day I told my French teacher that I planned to attend.

My father was very happy when I graduated with a BSc with Honours in Biology but he was less pleased when Chris and I married and headed off to Canada within a few months. As you can see, I embraced the mini-skirt as a fashion item!
Gill in cap and gown
Gill, Chris and Kayla