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My Mom and Dad

My parents 30th anniversary
My parents 30th anniversary
My parents met in High Legh towards the end of World War II. I know that because our home was called High Legh. They married in 1947.

My father and my uncle ran the "Works" which was a small factory employing almost 100 people. My mother stayed home and looked after us kids


My Mum as a Wren
My Mum as a
Wren in WW II
Gill and her Mom
My mother and me
My mother, Beatrice Mary, was the middle daughter of three girls and grew up in Blackburn, Lancashire. She had to leave school at 14 in order to help support the family. Like many women of her generation World War II completely changed her life. Mum joined the WRENS and was posted to Scotland where she met many American soldiers - she insists she only went to their dances for the food.

My mother would like to have worked outside the home. She always took great pride in my business acumen and wished she could have had similar experiences.

Mum died in our home here in Nanaimo. She came over for Christmas in 1994 but unfortunately died of a heart attack the day after she arrived. It was shocking but I know that she did not want to end her days in an old folks home.

My father, Kenneth Bertram Gold, was the younger son of two boys. He grew up outside of Birmingham in a large Victorian home. In the early 30's when he was a teenager, his father's business went into bankruptcy and the family had to move out of their large home. He wouldn't talk much about those times but he was very insistent as I grew up that I should marry a man with money.

The family business was re-formed with my uncle Cyril as general manager. Dad volunteered for the army and apparently drove many high ranking officers around England and France. Somehow he was still in France after Dunkirk and had to leave via Portugal.

After the war Dad joined Walter Gold and Sons as production manager. My brother and cousin took over when my uncle and father retired.

Dad died in 1988 after visiting us in Newfoundland. It was unexpected and the autopsy indicated that he was in the late stages of liver cancer.

A nice picture of my Dad
A nice picture of my Dad
Gill, Chris and Kayla