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Gill enjoying a glass of wine
Gill enjoying a glass of wine
I bought a magazine in 1970 which I brought to Canada with me. It was the first in a seventy- two issues of a weekly series of magazines featuring Cordon Bleu cooking recipes and "how to". When we arrived in Newfoundland I started to get them by surface mail which meant I would get 3 or 4 at a time.

I learned to cook using these recipes using a 110 volt range. Most people will never have seen a 110 volt range. It has two burners, an oven and two switches. You have three choices for each switch, left burner, right burner or oven. This means that cooking a three course gourmet meal is an all day event - both switches on the oven to heat it, then both on one burner to get a pot to boil, then one switch to the oven to keep the temperature and one on the burner to keep the pot boiling. I learned to be VERY organized and very efficient.
A simple salad
A simple salad
In our two years in Paris France I learned even more. I am a very good cook and can cook almost anything. By choice we eat fairly simple food these days, little meat, lots of seafood, vegetables and fruit, whole grain pasta, brown rice and we make our own granola which we eat with fresh fruit from our garden - thawed in the winter.

Asparagus, crab and wine!
Local crab, asparagus
and white wine!

Gill's Recipes:

Hot and Cheesy Cornbread
A note from the webmistress. Over the years, I have personally worn out and given away, numerous copies of this recipe. So I have decided to make the recipe page, printer friendly. It will open in a new window.
PS. If the frying pan is hot when you add the batter, the cornbread will get a nice crispy crust.
Gill, Chris and Kayla