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Cross country skiing
Cross country skiing
in Newfoundland
We all learned to ski in Newfoundland. The kids joined Nancy Green and were avid racers. We had the choice of three ski hills.

Logy Lump is a small hill just outside St. John's. The snow was not very good there most years. Chris talks about the kids skiing down using patches of snow only a couple of feet across - going down like mountain goats - he tried to follow.

White Hills is about a 2 hour drive and has gone bankrupt several times - in the years when the snow did not materialize.

And Marble Mountain is on the west coast, a six hour drive each way, but the best skiing.
Mount Washington
When we moved to Vancouver Island, it took two to three hours to drive to Mount Washington. Since then the roads both up the Island and up the mountain have been greatly improved and it's just over an hour's drive.

Every year until the kids left home we purchased a family season pass for Mount Washington. We used the ski swaps to get gear. Once the kids had part time jobs they could afford the equipment they wanted and we skied just about every Sunday. We always listened to CBC Radio on the way home and often stopped at Tim Horton's for doughnuts.

Both kids became excellent skiers on this small mountain and Chris and I still go there a few times each season.
Julia standing up on skis
Julia standing up on skis at
Mount Washington

Nick skiing in deep snow
Nick skiing in deep snow
Our kids both live and work in Whistler and we have passes for skiing there now. We often stay at a friend's condo. One fall we stayed at the Sundial Hotel - a boutique hotel where Alex was janitor then bell hop. This was with Chris's mother and sister Sally.

Alex and Nick both have worked at CanSki which is owned by the mountain so they have had free ski passes every year.

Whistler is a world class ski hill - there is something for everyone. There are great restaurants both on and off the hill. We thoroughly enjoy our time there, both summer and winter.
Gill, Chris and Kayla