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Financial Planning
Life Insurance

Sailing into the sunset
Sailing into the sunset

Very simply, life insurance pays an untaxed lump sum when someone dies.

Term insurance covers the insured for a specified period such as one, five, or 10 years, often with an option to renew.

Premiums are paid throughout this time, but generally become higher during the course of the term, as the policyholder grows older

Term life insurance is ideal for a short term need. It is an inexpensive way to cover the risk of dying too soon.

Whole Life
Whole Life insurance is a permanent life insurance product offering guaranteed death benefits and guaranteed cash values.

Universal Life
Universal Life insurance is a hybrid insurance product that combines the protection of a conventional term insurance policy with cash values and investment yields.

Unlike traditional whole life policies, universal life divides death protection and cash value accumulations into separate components.
Tiny man-o-wars
Tiny man-o-wars stranded on Long Beach
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