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Financial Planning
Investment Advice

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Most people do not have the knowledge or patience to direct their own investments. It is important to find a method of finding advice that suits you and your stage of life.

Choosing an Advisor
You need to find someone with whom you are comfortable and who understands your goals and your risk tolerance.
You can find qualified people at banks, through referrals from friends and even through the yellow pages.

Be aware that many advisors do not want to deal with portfolios below a threshold amount. Some will not accept an investor unless there is at least $25,000 and others insist of $500,000.

Donna Clouston, my webmistress and good friend, and I have spent many hours in 2006 working on this site. 

The main goal is for my clients and potential clients on Vancouver Island to get to know me better. 

The secondary goals are to demystify some of the terms used in the Financial Services industry and to identify what insurance and investment is needed at different life and business stages.

The site will be updated often and if you wish to be informed of any changes – such as a new recipe or article, please let me know.

To read some of the articles I have written, just click next.

Donna and Rowan
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